Ready to get to the root, and change your life now?

Hi there,

Tammy Jean here. I'm thrilled you're here.

Did you know that you hold all of the answers within you?

Did you know that your healing has no limits?

Are you ready to have a greater understanding of yourself, to achieve your goals and answers to long-held questions?

If so, keep reading, and I look forward to being in touch.

- Tammy Jean Valasquez

Feel Calm.

Feel Peace.

Feel Better.

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Book a QHHT Clarity Call

See if you're a good fit by booking a clarity call. This is where I answer any questions you have about QHHT.

(This is not a call where we discuss your problems, this is reserved for the

actual QHHT session.)

Book a Session

You'll need to allot 6 hours for this session, and block out your day for processing and giving yourself a self-care, self-love day.


Have the session

The session can last 4-6 hours. The first 1/2 is in depth discussion about you, then the 2nd 1/2 half is your actual hypnosis session.



How to Prepare for a session?

It’s a good practice to meditate to prepare for the session a couple of days leading up to your appointment. Take some time to think about the questions you would like answered. Write them down and bring them with you.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions can last up to 6 hours and, on average, 4 to 5 hours-please clear your schedule.

What are the side-effects?

There are no bad sessions! There are no side effects- just enhanced dreams and maybe some drowsiness right after the session (it is good to eat right after and drink lots of water)

Will I or can I be hurt in any way?

No harm whatsoever can be done with this method of Hypnosis (QHHT), and you are in control.

What will it feel like?

See this as a nice guided deep meditation.

What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing. I will have you remove your shoes when we start your session.

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